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Privacy Policy does not exercise authority over content brought to its website by third party website. As such, has no way of knowing what they do with the data they collect on the users of the website.

When we collect data, it is we want to ensure user needs are met and user experience keeps getting better. We never release data on the users to third parties, unless upon authorization by the individual user. Therefore, other than for the reason stated, we never release user's data. We hold the usersā?? data in confidentiality. However, since we do not know what the third party websites do with the data they collect, we shall not be held liable on the account of acts we do not have authority on.

Children are protected by Children Online protection Act of 1998. This Act provides the rules and regulations about people under the age of 13 and how their data should be handled. NEVER collects data of persons under the age of 13; and if ever it accidentally collect the said information unknowingly, it NEVER releases it to third parties. All queries regarding children should be raised with at, or visit the head office in person.


Pursuant to the provisions of the Laws, reserves the right to share information on their site usage. This is to comply with the law whenever such a request is made by the government, or through a court order.